How a Kootenay Abstract Artist & Painter Realized Her Worth

I’m emptying out your wallets!

Just kidding guys…

It is official though; I’ve upped my prices. I wanted to let YOU know first…my followers and collectors. Without YOU I would not even be able to make such an announcement. Because of YOU supporting me and cheering me on I have been able to continue going forward in my art.

I learned on two recent sales and then in an open conversation with a local artist that I was severely under charging for what I do. It came as a shock when I realized that underpricing my work too low could make things difficult for other artists who are pricing their work appropriately for the market and who need to make a living from sales.

I realized that I needed to re-evaluate and learn my self-worth in this aspect of my life.

After researching other artist prices in the area, I am now on par to where I feel I fit in comparison. With such an amazing abundance of local artists in the Kootenay’s, all with their own unique and creative styles, I would never want price to be the reason I’m chosen over one of them.

The ViewPoint Art Gallery in Nelson is an absolutely gorgeous venue to explore and view local artist’s work. It showcases a large collection of works from very talented established and emerging artists in the Kootenay region. It’s expansive views of Kootenay Lake with two floors of gallery space perfectly displays art which primarily focuses to feature artists from the Kootenay’s, as well as select guest artists from areas within BC only. They showcase artwork in every form imaginable! Realist to abstract…. watercolour, acrylic, oil, mixed media…. sculptures, pottery, glass, quilts, photography, woodwork, fibre, jewelry and more!!

The Art Walk in Castlegar is a beautiful partnership between businesses and art that has birthed an appreciation for art in The Kootenays that has attracted visitors from all around. It has wonderfully showed what we can do, and what we are all about. An open-call to artists happens at the beginning of every year, and then the artist is then matched with a local business as their venue. The Art Walk is a one-of-a-kind venue to showcase art from June to mid-September.

The Visac Art Gallery in Trail is a beautiful and spacious venue that includes a large exhibition space, meeting and programming area, AND fully equipped pottery and lapidary studios! They are committed to serving arts in the community and are part of Trail’s action plan for arts and heritage. Their mandate is to support and present the work of emerging and established Kootenay Artists. Their continual exhibitions are as diverse as they are engaging.


So, I tell you today, I value what I do. I value what we, all the artists in The Kootenay Area, are doing for the art scene here. From painting to photography, ceramics to sculptures, we have a talented bunch of people here, and I feel grateful to be among them. And with that, of course we need to talk $$$. It is hard; pricing art. It's hard to put a price on creativity, on artistic ability, and then of course on the product itself. Instead of letting the art speak for itself, or for the buyer to decide it’s worth and value, the price decided upon depends on quite a few factors.

4 Reasons Why We Artists Raise Prices

1. The numbers reveal a scary truth

This is probably the number one reason why we underprice our work. Facing the numbers is SCARY! But when we sit down and actually do the math…. we realize we are paying ourselves peanuts. So, we have reason to be scared. Many of us artists need to make a living from sales, and because of that, we underprice our work to simply make a sale so we can pay our bills.

2. Uneven prices

Art come in all sizes and different mediums. Even though I specialize in solely painting, I offer a wide range of paintings. Different sized canvases, differnt techniques, using 2 or more canvases…all of these reasons, and more, are why we consider raising prices on those that seem too low.

3. Cost of material has increased

This should be a no-brainer…. but we seem to miss it. If it costs us more to make it…. we will charge more. Cost of living continually and constantly increases and as a result, the resources and products I need to produce art cost more. I don’t think I need to expand on this anymore!

4. Keeping up with the demand of our art

If we can’t make enough work to fulfill commissions, orders, prints, and maintain inventory…we need raise our prices. That’s the law of supply and demand. It’s not a BAD problem to have for an artist…. but it’s still a problem!

I have put off this conversation, as I was worried about the reaction. I didn’t want you to feel like I was letting you down! After all this time that you’ve supported me, I’m repaying the favour by increasing prices? Thankfully, after having chats with friends, I chose to dispose of the fear that was holding me back. I realized that you guys wouldn’t expect my art prices to stay stagnant forever, just as prices on everything are increasing! I’m so grateful to each of you for helping me to get to where I am now.!! My new prices are already updated on my website. Because you’ve been such a valuable supporter, I want to offer my work at 20% off the newly posted prices until May 10th (think MOTHER’S DAY! Hint hint!)

Again…. Thank You!! I know you will understand because I have had the honour to paint for you and feel forever grateful to each and every one of you who have purchased my paintings. You are truly appreciated and loved!!

Have a wonderful week; stay healthy & safe.

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